AUGUST 2019 
SCHOOL OF THE DAMNED LONDON OPEN DAY AUGUST 3RD 12-6PM AT PECKHAM PELICAN! Our opencall for SOTD new cohort is now LIVE and closes September 7th! 🎓 Come by for a chat and to find out more about the School! See you there 👀🤗👋💥💫
Scottish pals - we will be hosting an Open Day at Saramago Café in the CCA, Glasgow this Sunday, where some of the current cohort will be around to answer any questions or queries about the school and/or the application process. Pop down for a coffee and a chat :)
We'll be at a big table downstairs on Sunday 11th August 4 – 8pm
👁️ ROLE PLAY 👁️ From the 15th of August we will be in BERLIN to join our member 💫 Katharina Joy Book 💫 for a weekend of workshops, crits, gallery visits and end of year show planning 🤯👽👀💥 On Sunday 18th August, 11:00-15:00, we will be taking part in a workshop with SOUP collective ( @soup_archive ) and Clay A. D ( @pastacomplex ) that is free and open to the public, so if you happen to be in Berlin and want to join, just send us a message and we can forward on the address! 👉👋 SOUP X SOTD

A workshop on roles we play in life and roles we've never played before- being creatures, in parallel or future realities.

In a group, there's always many of each of us- fantastic and real characters, public and private narratives, multiple identities. This workshop is about the possibilities of expressing them with textiles, adornment and the body in movement or still.

After a visit to the flea market at Lidenberg car park for props and objects, Clay A. D will guide us in a Sci fi meditation, together with SOUP collective, we will then be composing (ourselves), devising scenes to perform with clothes & objects & space; speaking to each other, mumbling to ourselves, singing to a crowd.

Hopefully see some of you there! ⚡
JULY 2019 
Artists from current and past SOTD cohorts!

Key 001 – Radioactivity is in the air for you and me

The anti-sacred mutant tropical punk-funk aesthetics of Tetine (Bruno Verner + Eliete Mejorado) as hairy hydras who do not spell ‘A. R. T.’ - for poetic reasons many will understand one day - and London-based Brazilian (Santista) artist, sculptor Anderson Borba, bring you what (they)-(we) have been calling SHAFT ABRE CAMINHO PALO SANTO, an experiment, a no-show shout, a moment, a shellshock in the form of an ancestral cosmic futuristic weekender, or better, an anti-pompous sculptural-textual-sonic exhibit/elixir taking place at SET DALSTON on 5th July from 6 pm – 10 pm.

SHAFT ABRE CAMINHO PALO SANTO is a re-inhabitation, re-corporification; a transitory reengineering of temporal syntactic and physical-sensorial utopian accumulations, undisciplined feelings and memories, countering straight time and the current territories of neoliberal psychism, animated by the digital & analogic logics of semantico-mathematical ABCs of structures and numbers. The shout is still in process, the moment in constant movement at each hour, minute, second; tasted, sucked and then cannibalized from massive portions of distinct (and vivid) temporalities. The no-show being constantly & unregretfully practiced in the matrix, or else, uninterruptedly originated (there’s no beginnings or ends) as it manifests itself through magick, through sound (and then vision), through film, touch, sex, gozo, odour in mutant machines of lust.

From our first pulsations, 6 months ago, when the hydras collectively anticipated the expectations of such a “not-yet” cut [happening] in space and time, intensely relational with other pasts and worlds. Tarot or I Ching?

Key 002 - We are showroom dummies. 
Key 003 - I'd rather be a dick than a swallower. 
Wednesday 17th of July 6-8pm at The Tetley, Leeds (With a performance at 7pm) SOTD student Michaela Cullen presents the first body of work borne from a new line of research into ideas surrounding, ‘Planetary Anxiety’, cultivation,horticulture, wormholes, the Holocene and interdimensional travel - all grounded in longstanding interests in Irish Mythology and storytelling, horror, working class Northern Irish familial and Feminist Utopia.

A new fictional story written by the artist, follows the psychotomimetic trip of an unidentified character. A visceral sound work and accompanying visuals endeavour to illustrate this turbulent, violent, emotionally exhaustive metaphysical odyssey, weaving through time and interplanetary landscapes, the character is confronted with a series of continually unfolding events until eventually coming face to face with mythological Irish deity, Cailleach. Michaela is part of the Tetley Artist Associate Programme for which applications for 2019/20 are now open.
Big day on the Sussex downs with School ☀️, including foraging and wildflower spotting with Thilika Hillman end of year show organising in East Dean and a swim in the sea with a very large seal at Birling Gap 🌊
JUNE 2019 
💥 Our annual Open Call for the new cohort of School of the Damned is now LIVE on our website!

Please click in the menu above to submit your application! 💥

We look forward to reading all your applications! 🍀✨🤞🌟
Were invited to take part in ‘Inventory of Behaviours’ as part of Tate Exchange. A project with no definitive end, but a performative and participatory event championing active research and data that is fuelled by the unknowingness and uncertainty of any final outcome. Together, we focused on tightening the lens around ‘regulation’ through particular behaviours and instructions sent in by contributing artists.

Thank you to Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd for inviting us to be a part of this exciting week-long project. If in London this week, we urge you to pop up to the 5th floor of Tate Exchange, don a fabulous boiler suit and take part! You’ll be able to read, enact and engage with contributing artists ‘instructions’ that take place behind and within the studio and creative space.

And thank you to artists and educators Michelle Williams Gamaker and Kevin Hunt, and composer James Saunders for showing us and performing your work and opening up the ongoing discussion surrounding resistance, resilience and regulation in artistic practice. 
It was a very insightful and informative day, and such an exciting project with endless possibility. ‘Inventory of Behaviours’ is open to the public until Friday 21st June on the 5th floor at Tate Modern. 
Our SINC show travelled to Leeds! With screenings, performances, and static work at the Tetley as part of Index Festival.
We are heading to Hull to take part in What Artists Want: What Artists Need hosted by Feral Art School at Humber Street Gallery. If you are from or close to Hull then pop by! The event is free- to get a ticket visit the eventbrite link in the image. Looking forward to chatting and sharing conversations surrounding the future of Higher Art Education with some new faces.
MAY 2019 
We are very excited to finally announce our interim show, 'Sinc'. School of the Damned will be showing new works at Backlit Gallery in Nottingham at the end of this month! 👀

Private View 🌠: Friday 31st May 6-9pm

Saturday 1st June open by appointment 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm

Sunday 2nd June open by appointment 12-3pm

Sinc’ [sink] is an exhibition of new works by students of School of the Damned with curatorial concept by Michaela Cullen. Focusing ideas around ‘treasure’ or things that are or to be traditionally treasured, we ask: How is the idea of treasure interlocked with or interconnected to interpersonal emotion and relationships in our own unique context as a group? And how may we possibly challenge it, if at all?

We look forward to seeing you there!! 👋
Artists included: Thilika Hillman, Sophie Goodchild, Emmet Ward, Ellen Sims, Phoebe Cunningham, Oren Shoesmith, Angeli Bhose, Jake Moore, Jamie Sorensen, Vic Hayward, Molly Bliss and Sam Meredith.
SOTD member Saoirse Wall has a short film included in this screening & performance event 7pm 14th of May at Seventeen Gallery.
APRIL 2019 
*OPEN NOW* our april show is taking place in a virtual world ✨💻 click the “exhibition video game” tab on our website for free access.
Featuring works by Georgina Tyson, Sam Meredith, Thilika Hillman, Saoirse Wall, Sophie Goodchild and Angeli Bhose. World design Molly Bliss. 
 MARCH 2019