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Each cohort of SOTD is selected by the previous year. Anyone is eligible to apply. SOTD invites students from all walks of life and levels of in/experience.
The School acknowledges that Free Education is never completely free, and that students may still incur costs of time and money. It is worth considering that many members of the current cohort of SOTD were surprised at the cost of travelling around the UK, however, there are ways to significantly lower this cost by using coaches for example, instead of trains and organising free accommodation as and when possible. It is also worth considering that there have been previous years that have organised themselves to radically minimise costs as a priority.
School of the Damned has a limited amount of students it can take each year, and we also acknowledge that it might not be the ideal learning model for everybody. Below is a list of other alternative, peer led, art schools/groups that we recommend.
The Other MA (TOMA), Open School East and AltMFA ...or you can create your own alternative learning model! (for more information/instruction follow this link)
Deadline: 7th September 2019
School of the Damned (SOTD) is a UK based Alt MFA for developing creative practice in a supportive group. Re-forming on an annual basis, each cohort has the opportunity and responsibility to define and organise the agenda of the school. As SOTD was formed in reaction to the increasing monetisation of Higher Education in the UK, there are no tuition fees. An Alt MFA does not follow the traditions and curriculums of formal education. Instead it is an educational platform which is self motivated and self organised by its students. SOTD is a non-hierarchical structure that requires a level of commitment and responsibility.
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